Don't Ignore Brake Problems

Small problems with your brakes can give you notice that bigger problems are on the way. For example, a small squeal when you press down on your brake pedal means that your brake pads are probably wearing down. If you ignore the noise, you'll find that eventually, a loud grinding noise will get your attention.

Grinding brakes make it necessary to bring your car in to Crossroads Ford for service. It is not safe to drive a car that is making a loud grinding noise, and you can ruin your car further. If you press down your brakes and they need to be pressed much harder, this can indicate problems with your brake fluid. If the fluid is leaking, this can mean that eventually, the brakes will give out completely.

Visit our service center at 2351 US-9W today, and we will take care of all of your brake and other car maintenance needs.

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