Fuel Saving Tips To Try Today

Maximizing the fuel economy of your vehicle is great for both your wallet and the environment. While there are many different factors that can negatively impact fuel economy, there are several steps you can take today to maximize it.

For one, safe driving habits are key. Unsafe driving habits like aggressive driving can have a huge negative impact on fuel economy. Aggressive driving includes things like rapid acceleration, excessive braking, and speeding. In cases of highway driving, fuel economy can be reduced by as much as 17% due to aggressive driving. Always try to allow plenty of time to reach your destination to prevent this.

Another major fuel economy killer is excessive idling. Idling can consume as much as half a gallon of fuel per hour depending on your engine size and air conditioning use. If you are going to be sitting waiting in a parking spot or other safe location, consider turning your car off to save gas.

By keeping these two factors in mind you can be sure you are getting the most fuel economy possible.
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