The 2017 Ford Escape: Your Solution for Easy Car Seat Installation

Car seats are the bane of parenthood. Taking up a ton of space, they're pretty much always hard to install. A car that can make car seat installation easier is, naturally, a car you want for your family.

Enter the 2017 Ford Escape.

A five seat SUV, the 2017 Escape has two sets of easy access latches and three tethers anchors positioned near the bottom of the rear seatbacks. The Escape also boasts a roomy interior that can easily house car seats of all sizes and varieties. You're not going to lose leg room up front because of a car seat in the back.

The 2017 Escape also received across-the-board A ratings in car seat tests performed by That's a perfect score in five different categories.

Put a call into Crossroads Ford and let us tell you more about the 2017 Ford Escape. We can also introduce you to our inventory of new 2017 Ford cars, trucks, SUVs, and more.

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